Thursday, June 30

The cage and where it led my thoughts...

I read this guys blog and this post in particular and it got me to thinking about how much we can love a person and care for them and know that they love us in return and the our lives flow along together as one on a basic everyday basis

and yet that when it comes to sex how incompatible so many of us are with the people we marry... and what an inbalance this acn bring to a relationship... and how it can ultimately be the downfall of something that was once so precious ...

Sunday, June 26


Been reading a friends online novel and have been totally hooked watching it develope and now i wait with just a little patience for the last few chapters...

Police on the Motorway and me wondering why ?

Travelling on the motorway almost everyday is becoming a real chore :(

When i first began the commuting thing i had no choice and my head was usually in such a turmoil that i didnt really think about the time i spent behind the wheel... I needed that space and alone time to sort my head and plan ... NOW things are not the same and i some times fear for my life... never mind my sanity.

But in saying that i do see some stuff when i am out driving, not to mention the fantastic cars that are out there on the British roads...

Last week i was passed by a police convoy of four vehicles. They were in the outside lane moving at high speed... and all appeared to be armed. One was in front clearing the way with its lights flashing and siren going full tilt, it was follwed by a large Tactical Aid vehicle with two more cars, one of them bringing up the rear so to speak. I spent the rest of my journey wondering what or who needed to be moved at such speed and with that type of cover. I didnt see a police helicopter over head giving extra cover but i am still wondering today...

Thursday, June 2

When does a cocoon become a tool of suffocation ? numero 2

I think that some parents have no ability to judge when they cross that line... the one where the healthy balance in their childs life experience is lost in a blanket mentality of ... you better not go on that swing you might fall off... you are too young to ride your bicycle on the path, you had better stay on the grass

but when things like this happen

who can blame a parent from wanting to lock their child away from such evil... well what other word is there for it... and wrap them in a cocoon of blissful unawareness of the wickedness waiting for them in the neighbourhood or as in this case just in their own back garden

Wednesday, June 1

When does a cocoon become a tool of suffocation ?

My reply to the above blog post

I am a parent... and i do sheild my children from the realities of the world until they reach an age when i feel they can deal with the subject matter involved.

A couple of years ago (he was 7 coming up to 8) my son asked me about Rape... and sexual assualt... why you may ask... because he had seen an item on the news and it had bothered him... he wanted to understand what the news reader was talking about and why it was on every news bulletin... that was a day when the reality of the world came into his. I gave him a simple explanation and ensured he understood.

Since then i have had to explain many things to him including periods... and another p word that strikes fear into all parents hearts paedophille.

We can sheild our children up to a point. But the reality is that if we dont arm them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and live in the world of today we do our children an injustice.