Friday, September 16


dark, the love i bring to you
sun ripe and plump

Feed on my love
taste me
and you will know the truth

I Tried

I took on a project three+ years ago... somewhat foolishly as i had no direct experience in the field and was really unqualified for the job ahead.

That project has now faltered... and although i am sad that i have failed to over come the recent troubles that have brought it to an end, i am also proud of the new skills i have acquired along the way and proud of what i did accomplish.

I tried

and to me that is what matters... i know how hard i worked

and i have the satisfaction of knowing that i tried when others walked away

good to have that off my chest

Wednesday, September 7

I slipped into the circle
that your arms created
for me
and lost inside emotions
for you to see

All the cliches rang
in perfection
passions height in climax
and the bloom
only love
can bring

Oh to remain here
and a day
are the only words
my heart can sing


I wrote a really long post yeasterday... then foolishly tried to do a spell check... and then my post was gone... yes i felt screwed.... blogged over even