Tuesday, June 22

Fathers day

Had a great day

Went to visit my dad with my kids. I cooked dinner in my mums oven and we had a wonderful dessert of ice cream and strawberries in a shortbread basket. my mum created them... not forgetting the wonderful cream that she wrapped it all in. It really was mouth watering in the extreme.

Dad tried to read his paper whilst the kids drew him pictures and mum and i caught up on all the family gossip.

The drive home was quiet. My kids fell asleep and i listened to Toad the Wet Sprocket, so relaxing and yet the lyrics say so much.

too busy

Wow... where have the days gone ?

Watched Englands final round last night... they won... the tension was high at times but the match was amazing. I did have to wonder if David Beckham had been especially chosen to receive all the fouls from the Croation team, but then they all headed for Wayne Rooney and it was a case of hitting on the best of the team.

Life is busy this summer and my audit is coming around again... will those guys never leave us alone, why do i ask that ... hell i know the answer... NO

Thursday, June 10

Mid - Term

I had a week off with my kids... the holidays are time to do all the things they want, well just so long as they dont put me in the red.

We headed off to see Harry Potter. We all enjoyed it and as i am the only one who still remembers what was in the book i was the only one who missed a little... They did a great job and the hours flew by... Then the children forced me into McDonalds. There were 2 adults and 7 children altogether. We had a fun time and that fruit yoghurt they do is divine... who'd have thought that McDonalds could do it, well obviously not me anyway.

We also had a day out at the sea-side. Went to a place i havent been before on the east coast. The sky was blue and the sea was warm... i only paddled in the shallows but the children really made the most of the water... they must have been in there for more than two hours. I had to drag them out for regular applications of sun block. I caught the sun and my skin is finally looking brown instead of healthy !!!

Tuesday, June 1

Purple blur

This weekend has been one long purple blur....

Paint and the some more paint and now my little princess has her own purple palace... walls ceilings floor are all complementing each other in various hues with a touch of other influences found in the rug...

now all we need is the new furniture and it is all set for habitation