Thursday, May 26

poetry and form

poetry is a great love of mine

reading other peoples poetry is always an eye opener and occaisionally an education...

Most of my own writing is unstructured and i like it that way... Saying that i do think that we can all benefit from the writing styles of bygone days... the works of those such as TS Elliot and William Blake can teach us much... poetry has been around as long as mankind in one form or another... every language has been used to write poetry, the haiku and the gazal are two examples

Every generation has written poetry to exercise their right to be heard and that is definately something every budding poet can learn from... myself included

Monday, May 23


What is it that makes drivers think it is ok to just pull out from what ever lane they are in without any form of indication... making no effort to drive at the same speed as the poor sod that they have pulled out in front of and causing the driver to have to break ... which is fair enough if you are expecting it cos you have had some notice in the form of an indicator flashing...

I have seen so much bad and discourteoues driving today that i just had to vent my spleen... not since the idiot who was cruising nicely in the outside lane at a speed less than my own and who then refused to pull over so i could over take them have i sen such idiocy... i dealt with him by waitng for another car to come along that wanted to pass and pulling out of their way ... whilst accelerating at the same time so that i was able to undertake the guy who was so set on obstructing my way ... and i know he was doing it deliberately... just cos my car is small in size doesnt mean that it has a small engine... unlike his penis... well i assume he was over compensating for something...

Sunday, May 22

Share my sun

It is a sunny day
i like the sun
it sets my mood
and takes me with a smile
to happy places
come visit with me
and share my sun

questions always questions

What do you see
what do you think
who am i
who are you
why are we
why are you
what do you see...
when you look at me ?

Does familiarity breed contempt ?

It is very easy to take the people we meet every day in our lives for granted... and i know some may think that is such a cliche... but it is one that rings true far too often.

I keep looking at my life and wondering if i made some small changes ... what kind of impact would it have on those around me and i came to the conclusion that lots of little changes in my attitude to those i work with and my family and friends would and could matter a whole lot...

One of my work colleagues is very submissive... she does anything i ask and respects me far more than i deserve... or perhaps not... it depends who is judging i guess... She asks for my advice and i always strive to tell her what she needs to know... or if i dont have an answer i tell her and make an effort to find out what she needs to know... or give some thought to the advice she has sought and try to help... now she would be so easy to take for granted in so many ways ... and yet in reversing the roles we play in each others lives ... could i say that she takes my help and assisstance for granted... has it become something she expects ... something that she takes for granted ?

This is going to be an ongoing train of thought... not sure of the destination... and i will try to keep a record of what i change and how i see it making a change to my life to others who cross my life path