Thursday, April 28

I want I wish

I want butterflies
I want the sun
I want many things
and then some

I wish for rainbows
to see sunshine
through the rain

I wish for icecream
with honeycomb
and chocolate sweet and plain

I wish for daydrems
that revitalise
my hopes anew

I wish for love
with kisses
that taste of you

I want happiness
I want smiles
I want many things
and then some

weather gripes

I have been feeling the effects of the ever changing weather... Just when my spirit has risen and the sun has taken its hold along comes a host of clouds bringing rain - grey overcast skies and a down turn in the joys of life !!!

This seems to have been a consistant cycle for the months of march and april and i hate it...

nothing more to add

Monday, April 18

Saturday was Rocking

I went out... just me and my girlfriends... and it was fantastic !

Terrorvision... the music rocked.... well i know that was the idea

It was the last night of a mini tour and the atmosphere was buzzing. We'd been looking forward to it for months and here we were in the queue waiting for the doors to open. Last time we got to see them was supposed to be their last ever gig and yet here we were waiting... and oh it was sooooo F**k**G worth it...

my head is full of images and sounds and it is hard to put the words down to describe the high i am still intoxicated with and so i am going to post this... and come back later to rave about the performance and describe the throb and surge of the crowd as we moved as one to the thump of the bass

I only remember one down side... and that was the guy stood next to me at one point with a nylon top ... he was so hot and sweaty that as he jumped up and down i got a shower.... hate to think what of but you know i guess it goes with the territory or was it the half naked body of the guy with no shirt pressed into my face .... hmmmm