Tuesday, May 25


Had a bad moment on the way home today... I glanced at the speed dial and almost fainted... I was doing 100mph and hadn't even realised... so much for keeping up with the flow of the traffic.

I quickly pulled in and slowed down some... of course a white van flew past in a blur. Talk about cliches...

The "white van man" is such a powerful image that many companies now order their vehicles in colour and not the standard white, sad to think that white has so much power on four wheels.

Saturday, May 22

Saturday is soccerday

The FA cup final was watched to day in my home as in many homes around the UK.

Friends had a party and set up a screen with a scart link to the TV... beer and barbecue were all on call as the prematch warm up began with the usual suspects as commentators... Along with young Mr Owen looking cute in a shirt and tie that made him look even younger than he really is...

The match was pretty even in the first half with Utd scoring finally before half time. Millwall were out played in the second half and although the spirit was keen the skills needed to beat Manchester Utd were not available. Dennis Wise may have made 4 previous appearances but the rest of the team were lucky to be there.

People will be celebrating into the night and the newspapers tomorrow will be full of little else. Millwall worked hard to gain their place and it is hoped that they will one day play in the final.

Friday, May 21


Just been browsing through some other blogspots and got distracted by the Andy Kaufman returns spot. Took me back to the late 70's sitting watching taxi with my mom and daydreaming about Tony.

It was shown the same night each week. She loved the show. We would sit side by side and laugh together. I know she still watches the re-runs when they come around. That was classic TV at its best.

I outgrew Tony pretty soon. Took his picture off my wall and replaced him with a full size poster of Billy Idol. I still have that someplace ...

Thursday, May 20


It only takes a few words to spill from the mouth and all perceptions can be changed. We so often speak without thought to the impact that our words are having on those who are in our lives.

This is on my mind this week after seeing a friends view of another change in minutes and it filled me with sadness. Not because they were judging wrongly... or that they were judging at all, but because the impact of that change in perception wasn't noticed by the speaker.

Self perception is now something that I am trying to develop to a higher level...

Monday, May 17

Old friends

There are people in my life today that have been what I class as a real friend for more than 25 years. One friend in particular has been around for 30 years plus... Yes I know that is a long time.

She and I started school together. It was just after Christmas and we had both just celebrated our fifth birthdays. I had red shoes and hers were blue. We sat in the places allotted to us by the teacher, who looked so old but was probably only 25. We have been friends ever since. There have been years when we have only spoken once and exchanged birthday and Christmas cards but the love and trust that goes into our relationship has only ever grown stronger.

That is what I look for in all of my relationships.

Thought follows thought

The mind spins thoughts and feelings and i am unsure of how to proceed... which direction to head in... so many subjects... guess i will leave it until i have had my third cup of tea.

Sunday, May 16

The immediate past

The last three years have see many changes in my life. Choices are always difficult to make when they are thrust upon ones life at speed.

I have learnt that it is a waste of my time regretting any of the decisions I make... That doesn't stop me from an occasional "what if?" I am only human after all, or so I have been told.

The Beginning

It is hard to look back in life and spot the beginnings in all relationships. Those where love and lust are ignited are always with us and the anniversaries of when they began are often memorable events that carry us into the unknown. I love beginnings...

Birth and Death

Both are beginnings that offer such different pathways and yet the spiritual impact on the soul is equal for both. I have always enjoyed the celebration of birth with family and friends, but when a death occurs of someone who has touched our lives we all too often tend to remember them alone and forget to celebrate their life.

I recently went to a funeral that could only be described as a celebration of a life. I only hope that my family and friends can celebrate my life with equal enthusiasm.